BuildEx China

In recent years, Building water supply and drainage industry is developing faster because of the fast development of new urbanization. A large demand of building materials and equipments has come out, which is more focused on energy conservation and environmental protection. Meanwhile, secondary water supply rebuilding is also an essential infrastructure construction project, there is also large demands for building materials and equipments in this field.

2016 BuildEx China is fully supported by top domestic authorities, including “Branch of Water Supply and Drainage for Building, China Association for Engineering Construction Standardization(CECS)”,“Committee of Water Supply and Drainage for Building, Water Industry Association CCES”, “Shanghai Building Water Supply and Drainage Committee of Architectural Society”, “Shanghai Society of Civil Engineering”. BuildEx China is determined to create a professional exhibition platform for Building water supply and drainage industry, which will Deliver unlimited business opportunities for exhibitors and visitors, and will bring new brand new products and top advanced technology.

2017 BuildEx China will be held from June 7th to 9th at National (Shanghai) Center for Exhibition and Convention, This event, which is held in an area of 25,000 square meters, will attract more than 50,000 worldwide visitors. Currently , more than 600 distinguished exhibitors at home and abroad have already become our members. Therefore ,we venture to say that this event will lay a solid foundation for buyers & sellers to form a commercial circle.the largest and most competitive exhibition complex in the world.

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