BuildEx China

BUILDEX CHINA is a l / eading professional exhibition in China for the building, water supply and drainage industry. At the 2017 BUILDEX CHINA with a scale of 25,000 square meters, 287 global exhibitors from home and abroad gathered and displayed over 6,000 high quality products and equipment for the building water supply and drainage industry. The application fields of exhibits include civic architecture, commercial architecture and municipal architecture, and the exhibition attracted a vast crowd including dealerships, governmental institutions, installation project companies, heating and ventilation companies, home decoration companies, consultancy firms, design institutes, hotels and real estate firms, with 20,466 professionals from home and abroad attending the exhibition.

The scale of the third BUILDEX CHINA in 2018, will reach 28,000 square meters and welcome over 500 exhibitors and over 27,000 professional visitors to participate in the event, while hosting tens of summit forums, industry conferences and a variety of meetings and greet exchanges to connect upstream and downstream enterprises in the building, water supply and drainage industrial chain, and provide industry insiders with a large platform for technological exchange and trade and commerce.

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