Aquatech Wastewater

AQUATECH CHINA International Sewage Disposal Exhibition, the one which is swarmed with exhibitors in different fields and with products, shows all-around steps of sewage disposals. It’s not only an ideal platform for you to exhibit technology and products, but also a commending height to view sewage disposal industry.

Segmenting Sewage Disposal as a specialized sector is one of the highlights of last year’s exhibition. A group of exhibitors which could offer whole set of sewage disposal took part in the exhibition, and the number of exhibitors as well as visitors hit the highest point ever since. Next year, Aquatech Wastewater 2017 will be held from 7 to 9 June in Shanghai. Even more Exhibitors and visitors who are from sewage disposal industry will gather on here. The 7th edition will be even more comprehensive, and larger in space with more exhibitors and visitors in comparison to the last edition.

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