WATEREX is a brand of B2B platforms which include water related conferences and other events throughout China. By using a conference + display form, WATEREX 2010 is focusing on membrane technology and point of use segments, and will attract the target audiences including design institutes, engineering firms and distributors, as well as government departments, water supply plants, waste water treatment plants, construction, commercial fields and many industrial end-users, etc.

The Seventh Edition of WaterEx Beijing will happen at the China Internationl Exhibition Center in October 13-15 2016! The scale in this year has reached 40,000 square meters, with 900 exhibitors all around the world who will bring the latest water treatment technology and equipment to the show. Two main conferences which represents the authority in the water industry will be held at the same time – the China International Water Treatment Engineers Convention and the Fourth Edition of the POU Distributors & Agents Conference – The past Fouth Edition of WaterEx Bejing, has attracted 25,000 global trade visitors in the water treatment industry. For the fifth year, the quantity of professional audience will make a breakthrough. WaterEx has enjoyed its fame for its authority, high quality, and vast geographical features. WaterEx Beijing has already grown to be the most competitive show for the water industry in Northern China.

Please go to www.waterex.com.cn/en website to learn more.