ECOTECH CHINA WASTE is a top international tradeexhibition in China for the fields of waste management,solid waste treatment, waste gas treatment, and

resource recyclingconcurrently with AQUATECHCHINA & FLOWTECH CHINA. Its organized by CHC EXPO and All-China Enviroment Federation. The exhibition serves asa unique platform with maximum synergistic effectand a resourceful one-stop for buyers, and is the onlyprogram supported by Alliance of Eastern ChinaEnvironmental Protection Industry.

ECOTECH CHINA WASTE 2017 brought together thousands of waste management, solid waste treatment, wastegas treatment, and resource recycling professionals in the National Exhibition Centre (Shanghai). 428 exhibitorsattended the show, representing 31 countries, and 20,407 visitors from 78 countries came to the show to explorenew products and get information of the latest trends in the solid waste & waste gas treatment field.

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